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Akekure - Japanese Clock

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Akekure is a Japanese traditional clock (Wadokei).It is a app clock that has been made to tell Japanese traditional time.= How about the Japanese traditional clock. =A Japanese traditional clock is Japanese traditional timekeeping practices required the use of unequal temporal hours. That is six daytime units from local sunrise to local sunset, and six night time units from sunset to sunrise.
Japanese traditional timekeepers varied with the seasons. the daylight hours were longer in summer and shorter in winter, with the opposite at night. Ordinary clocks were, by contrast, set up to tell equal hours that did not vary with the seasons.
A Japanese traditional clock had six numbered hours from 9 to 4, which counted backwards from noon until midnight.In addition to the numbered temporal hours, each hour was assigned a sign from the Japanese zodiac.Starting at dawn, the six daytime hours were:
Rabbit 卯   6 六  SunriseDragon 辰   5 五  MorningSnake 巳   4 四  DaytimeHorse 午   9 九  NoonGoat 未   8 八  DaytimeMonkey 申   7 七  Evening
From dusk, the six nighttime hours were:
Rooster 酉  6 六  SunsetDog 戌  5 五  TwilightBoar 亥  4 四  NightRat 子  9 九  MidnightOx 丑  8 八  NightTiger 寅  7 七  Dawn
= Other =・Supported alarm.・Supported GPS.